I’ve watched two movies tonight in which a character has committed suicide by hanging. And it wasn’t because of a loved one’s death or a lost job or a cheating spouse. It was because the pain they were in in their own minds was too much to bear. And that keeps taking me back to Robin Williams. And I envision this brilliant, timeless, and irrefutably priceless man in his last moments when he was alone in his bedroom on an average day at an average time when everyone who loved him was living their average lives. Yet, he was so tormented by his own demons that there was no other way to cease the misery than to take his own life. And then I think about the thousands of people who aren’t famous, yet succumb to the same demons every day. It’s just sad. And it’s just so hard to believe it could get that bad for some people. The mind can be one’s greatest ally and one’s most feared enemy.